Hey there! I'm Bernadette

CEO and Founder of 3 Red Folders Sales Leadership Consultancy and 3 Red Folders Academy.

And we help our clients [consultants and coaches as well as bespoke sales teams] sign 6-figure contracts (even if they are new to their craft)

Hey there! I'm Bernadette

CEO and Founder of 3 Red Folders Academy.

strong>And we help our students [consultants, coaches, experts, business owners, sales teams] sign 6-figure clients (even if they are new to their craft)

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This easy-to-use guide will reveal the exact needs that you, as a consultant, must address so that you can finally land a six figure contract. 

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Strategic and Behaviour Based Business Development from One Of The World's Best!

Standing on the shoulders of giants is humbling!! After being invited, and willingly accepting the role as Anthony Robbins' Business Coach for Asia Pacific, I am able to bring key distinctions to the business development approach, providing game-changing, psychology based results. I also bring learnings from my entrepreneurial journey that has enabled me to be recognised as one of the Top 35 Most Influential Women in Sales. My time spent in 'blue chip' companies exposed me to the best sales leadership training in the world and due to my involvement in the 'thought leader' space, Top Sales World have voted me one of the Top 50 Sales Speakers in the world and my books and articles as being in their Top 10! Join me as I bring ALL of these experiences, learnings and knowledge to you in these amazing programs I am so very proud to share and teach!


A little about what I bring to the table...

Everyone wants to know a little more about who they are about to work with...right?

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FREE LIVE TRAINING - How To Sign Your Next (or First) 6-Figure Consulting Contract

This step-by-step masterclass reveals the proven way to connect and convert large corporate consulting clients (even if you are a new consultant)

In this masterclass you'll discover:

  • The 3 simple words that turns a cold prospect into someone asking how they can work with you
  • The #1 mistake new consultants make when pitching their services (and how to avoid making this)
  • The proven system for finding 100 of your perfect clients without wasting hours researching
  • You'll walk away feeling clear, confident and ready to sign your next big consulting client
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Commercial Conversations Academy is the program that consultants, executive/leadership coaches, experts and corporate sales teams leverage in order to sign 6-figure clients. Join mentor, group coaching facilitator and world class sales trainer as she helps you master the art of commercial conversations.

If you are committed to increasing your income,  amplifying your network and trusting the process, then you are in the right place.

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COMING SOON: Your Niche Blueprint Success

DISCOVER HOW TO: Transform Your Frustration and Lack of Clarity into a Successful and Lucrative Business...That Brands You as The GO TO Person in Your Field and Generates More Income.

Kick-start Your Business By Finding The Authentic Niche That Is Designed Purely ForYou...

Find and Keep Clients So They Continue To Beat a Path to Your Door. 

Market Yourself More Effortlessly and Easily So That You Attract More Clients and Earn More Money.

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The Consultant's Corporate Messaging Matrix for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses

How do I position myself is one of the key questions I get asked. It is one of the areas most salespeople feel uncertain and unclear.

Pulling apart this 9 square Messaging Matrix we'll address our positioning from three angles - the narrative about you, your buyer's narrative and your potential partnership with the buyer.

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