Hey there! I'm Bernadette

CEO and Founder of 3 Red Folders and 3 Red Folders Academy.

We believe that in today's uncertain economy, 'Finding Your Brave' is the most transformational way to build your business and impact your life (even if you doubt yourself or can't land that perfect client, yet)


Designed for B2B Business Owners, Sales Leaders and Sales Teams

Hey there! I'm Bernadette

CEO and Founder of 3 Red Folders Academy.

strong>And we help our students [consultants, coaches, experts, business owners, sales teams] sign 6-figure clients (even if they are new to their craft)

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This easy-to-use guide will reveal the exact needs that you, as a consultant, a leader or a business-owner must address so that you can finally attract the results that matter the most to you. 

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A little about courage in business today...

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From Traditional Manager to Transformational Leader

This  step-by-step series of in-person masterclasses reveals a proven way to move from the traditional manager of yesteryear to the modern day transformational sales leader (in just six empowering weeks)

In this masterclass you'll discover:

  • The tools needed to coach your team vs manage them so they become more invested and solution focussed
  • The #1 mistake sales leaders make in addressing low performers and how one behaviour will increase their performance 100 fold.
  • The proven system for holding your team accountable without micro-managing.
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From Confused Consultant to Commercial Powerhouse

Commercial Conversations Academy is the program that business people who sell leverage in order to sell more.

Join me as your mentor, group coaching facilitator and world class sales trainer as I walk you through the phases of mastering the art of commercial conversations so that you can engage with the right buyers, break into new accounts and make more money (even if you've had no formal sales training before)

Discover the 6 pillars to make more sales from Identity to Influence.

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Brand Yourself As The GO TO Person In Your Industry 

Discover how to turn your frustration and lack of clarity into a lucrative and successful business so that you can generate more income. 

  • Kick-start Your Business By Finding The Authentic Niche That Is Designed Purely ForYou...
  • Find and Keep Clients So They Continue To Beat a Path to Your Door. 
  • Market Yourself More Effortlessly and Easily So That You Attract More Clients and Earn More Money.
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Position Yourself With Relevance

✅  How do I position myself?

✅  What do I say when I network?

✅  What do I say when making an appointment?

These are typical questions people struggle with asking. 

Download this 9 square Messaging Matrix On-Demand Training PLUS Workbook and address all 3 questions from 3 distinct angles - your narrative as the seller, your prospects narrative as the buyer and the proposed potential partnership between both.

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Drive Revenue. Increase Margin. Sell A Difference.

Does this sound like you?

✅ You're passionate about what you sell but feel something is missing. 

✅ You wish you could understand where else in the sales conversation process you can add even more value, without talking about your product or service.  

✅ You love what you do - all the benefits, the money, the people and you want to build on that to become even more of an inspiration in the marketplace (without losing your soul!)

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