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3 Red Folders Academy - The Advanced Psychology of B2B Selling

Advanced Psychology of B2B Selling 

If you don't know what influences yourself, then you will never know how to influence your buyer! And that is more crucial today than ever before because there is so much competition! Psychology will always be 80% of all success whilst mechanics is only 20% and this program is guaranteed to deliver both!

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3 Red Folders Academy - Prospecting In The Connection Econom

Start Selling To Bigger Business Today

Never before has it been more important to create a clear and flowing sales pipeline.  Is sales a numbers game? It depends... but you will never hit your targets if you don't have leads and opportunities and commercial conversations that connect and convert. You will deliver both in spades 

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3 Red Folders Academy - Advancing the Consultative B2B Sale

Inspiring Higher Sales Performance

What makes someone buy is not your price, your brand or you product. It is YOU! And how you transition your conversation so that your buyer owns their own reason for making a change. This is not about 'the close', but about your propensity to display commercial leadership? You've got this!

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Strategic and Behaviour Based Sales Development from One Of The World's Best!

Standing on the shoulders of giants is humbling!! After being invited, and willingly accepting the role as Anthony Robbins' Business Coach for Asia Pacific, I am able to bring key distinctions to the business development approach, providing game-changing, psychology based results. I also bring learnings from my entrepreneurial journey that has enabled me to be recognised as one of the Top 35 Most Influential Women in Sales. My time spent in 'blue chip' companies exposed me to the best sales leadership training in the world and due to my involvement in the 'thought leader' space, Top Sales World have voted me one of the Top 50 Sales Speakers in the world and my books and articles as being in their Top 10! Join me as I bring ALL of these experiences, learnings and knowledge to you in these amazing programs I am so very proud to share and teach!



We too often leave our sales development to chance. We 'wing it' and think a quick Google search, or hack we see on social media, will give us the magic pill. Or worse, we show such randomness around sharpening our axe - a sales training one day or a book to read the next, with sales targets we still need to meet. Let's face it... selling has to be one of the most obvious roles that needs a combination of strategy, science and psychology to really, truly nail high performance! And because of this, 3 Red Folders Academy has stepped in to be your trainer, your mentor, your coach and your sales manager, all wrapped up together. You will soon see why we are often referred to as the 'sales function's first responder'!

Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy


Process, Milestones, KPIs and Key Performance Activities provide the 'What and the Why' in an adult learning space that can increase revenue by 15%.

3 Red Folders Academy - Sales Science

Sales Science


Biology, Data, Evidence, Proof, Statistics and NeuroScience is the 'How' that drives even higher performance for individual and teams creating sustainable results.

3 Red folders Academy - Sales Psychology

Sales Psychology


Yes, it's about your behaviour and it's also about the buyer's behaviour.  When focusing on the 'Who' married with strategy and science you will experience exponential growth.



The wheel is often described as the most important invention of all time – it had a fundamental impact on transport and later on agriculture and industry. Selling is exactly the same. And that is why every cog in our sales wheel is critical to the movement and direction of business and life. Just as the wheel has multiple purposes, so has the function of selling. And because of that, our programs focus on the 9 vital Categories Of Growth, or what we prefer to call COGs. You decide which cog in your Sales Wheel needs the most focus, and in doing so you will shorten your sales cycle considerably, stop a bloated pipeline, build strong commercial relationships and most of all provide you and your family with more choices in life due to increased revenue and profits!

3 Red Folders Academy - The Advanced Psychology of B2B Selling

The Baseline For Success In Any High Performing Environment

If buyers are buying the salesperson first (CEB statistics) and 53% of decisions are based on how the salesperson shows up, then this is where we start! 

3 Red Folders Academy - Prospecting In The Connection Econom

The Necessary Components of Business Development In The Connection Economy 

With connection being the #1 need for all human beings and with us rapidly exiting the industrial economy, how do we connect with new opportunities today?

3 Red Folders Academy - Advancing the Consultative B2B Sale

The Pivotal Elements In Advancing Any Consultative B2B Sale

Buyers don't want some product spewing salesperson talking 'at' them, they want someone who can advise them, share insights and negotiate on equal ground.

Your Enrolment Includes

Online Blended Programs, Personal and Group Coaching, First Class Collateral, Improved Confidence, A Supportive Community and A Competitive Edge
3 Red Folders Academy - Mastermind Deep Dives

Roundtable Deep Dives

High Performers like you, like to be challenged. You like to work 'on the job' and master influence, advancing your skills around the strategy, science and psychology of business growth.  You also like to hang out and work alongside high performing, like-minded people.  With an option to join our Elite Roundtable sessions you have automatic access to the complete suite of products,  full accountability, coaching and community.  This will speed up your results in a way that is not just momentum based, but laced with fun and a solid ROI as well!

3 Red folders Academy - Quality Resources

Quality Resources  

In minutes you can join us, get started on your own selected program, complete it in your own time  - all designed for the B2B salesperson and/or sales leader and business owner.   Our downloads, templates and exercises are attractive, high quality and easy to complete while our videos are step by step processes. In addition, our audios are fully downloadable and portable. Begin your journey toward conviction, deliberate intention and true success, today.

REPLACES: Doubt | Procrastination

PROVIDES: Confidence |Activity

3 Red Folders Academy - Platform Access

Platform Access

3 Red Folders Academy is the online educational arm of the respected Australian based sales and sales leadership consultancy, 3 Red Folders. We have adapted our successful face to face programs into a series of self-paced, online trainings and collaborative Elite Roundtables.  In addition to the value already provided, we have created a Private Support Group so everybody has access, in their own time and within their own budget. to our world class, premium suite of blended learnings, video roundtable recordings and new announcements. 



We know we have everything covered here to help you become one of your market's most trusted and relevant industry resources and so we will make it easier for you to know that, as well. Join us on our next complementary MASTERCLASS by clicking the JOIN US TODAY link below where we look forward to beginning our journey together :)

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Don't Take Our Word For It...

Nuno Poco is the President of the Portugal Association of Inside Sales and also the Sales and Marketing Director of Century 21 in Lisbon, Portugal. Here what he has to say....


And Then Canada Threw Us A Rock Star!

Josh Schildroth, a former Sales BDM and Sales Manager from within the Travel Industry, was thrown a curve ball during Covid and still joined our MASTERING INFLUENCE: 'The Advanced Psychology of B2B Selling' Program before finding himself with interviews lined up because, remember, we also have to sell ourselves!


Closely followed by this Amazing High Achiever from Melbourne, Australia!

Michelle Morgan, BDM for an Automotive Aftercare company fronted up week in, and week out, and because of her commitment, her takeaways were as impactful as her subsequent results. Be like Michelle :)



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