The 3 Red Folders Corporate Story  

Having aligned values is a key component when working with anyone. Here at 3 Red Folders, two of our values are transparency and being real... we trust this story helps you realise we have something deeper and more transformational to off our clients, too!

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It was 2009 and I had not long gone through the loss of a successful family run bricks and mortar business due to serious illness.

Over a romantic first dinner date in more than a year with my husband, Tim, I reached for 3 menus, stood them up and made a promise to him. 'At 50 years of age, this is how we are going to get back on the horse". We will focus on 3 key strategies - IDENTITY (our true colours), INTENTION (our true north) and INTERNAL FORTITUDE (our true grit).   Those menus were in 3 Red Folders!

On my healthy return to the business world and having experienced the negative impact that a lack of strategy, sales and sales leadership can have on a business, I turned my attention toward coaching business owners, and sales leaders.

That led to me working as the Master business and executive coach across Asia Pacific for a company out of the USA – Robbins Research International, my boss and CEO being the world-renowned Anthony Robbins.

After 3 years and keen to cut the ties,  and with a solid 2-decade history of successful sales results within corporate Australia behind me, it made sense to hang my shingle and launch my own sales and sales leadership consultancy. In doing so I began working with SMEs, predominantly in the manufacturing space because I most related to the gap many have in growing their revenue and keeping their cashflow buoyant.

That decision coincided with me being asked to coach Harvard MBAs in the sales component of the MBA program and to do what I love, speaking at SKOs nationally and sales conferences globally.

But the turning point came when I realised there was more to best practice sales environments than sales training. People just weren’t loving the idea of sales training… ‘how to sell‘ was not valued by leaders and salespeople, alike but they loved the idea of ‘who they had to be to sell’.

This awakening ultimately led to our company rebranding and since then 3 Red Folders has opened its pages even wider.  We have expanded our reach further than just manufacturing and into all fields of business. We advocate for transformational sales leadership – the foundational skill that enables and emboldens the elevation of both people and profits and truly effects behavioural change leading to increased revenue and profits.

Proof that loving what you do, brave decision making and thinking differently will always reap rewards – even when you swim against the currents of a stronger tide.

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~ 20 Years in Corporate Sales and Sales Leadership roles selling solutions million dollar solutions

~ Asia Pacific Master and Platinum Coach for Anthony Robbins coaching his business clients on strategy, science and psychology

~ Sales Coach for Harvard Business School for the 2019 MBA Program

~ Author of five sales and leadership books – one being voted Top Book for 2018 through Top Sales World

~ Awarded ‘Top 35 Most Influential Women in Sales Globally’ by SalesHacker

~ Top 50 Conference Speaker for Top Sales World 2019 an 2020

~ Awarded Top 10 Blogger for Top Sales World

~ Best Achievement Ever! Mum to two kids (Danielle and Matt), Nana B to the joy of our life (Grace) and wife to an amazing husband, Tim 🙂


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