It's a Journey - And So Is Building Strong Pipelines  

This is what we do best and how we can help.... A choice of charging stations along the way to power up the energy of you and your team. Choose a short engagement or a longer term strategic partnership.

How do you build your pipeline at the same time as helping your buyers build theirs?  

Working with you is the fastest way for them to build their business (especially because they need what you have!) 

Below are a range of programs and a range of investment points designed to affect behavioural and economic growth for you, your business, your salespeople and by default, your clients. 

Whether it be prospecting, mindset, negotiations, connecting and converting... 3 Red Folders has you covered!

1. Start with Your Message - It Matters

Workshop the Messaging Matrix so you learn how to ask the right questions, make the right statements and show up as that respected industry resource you are so that you can build more profitable business relationships.

Vignettes, soundbites, mini-stories - everything you need to put in your back pocket to lead every conversation!


Nail That Next Meeting With Style!

2.  Next...Commercialise your Conversations?

The Conscious Selling Model and The Art of Commercial Conversations Framework combined!

A Workshop (over 60 minutes) designed to help you drive revenue, increase margin and sell a difference in a competitive business world that needs a little more love in it. Based on the best selling book 'The Art of Commercial Conversations' this program will take you through 9 sales conversations, complete with video, downloads and workbook on how to instruct, influence and inspire your buyer.

Top Value ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Buy It Now! Great Value!

3. Now Time To Prospect and Generate Leads   

Everyone loves a challenge and what better way than over 5 weeks to generate 5 new prospects. Everything from Mindset to Outreach (and often not addressed) is in this challenge. Quality collateral and options for group coaching.

4. Before Focussing On The Sale!

All The Tools You Need To Connect, Convert and Create Change for You and Your Clients. 

We have different options depending on whether you are an individual wanting to sharpen the saw and learn the modern way to build a healthy pipeline, or you are a sales manager wanting fresh, current ways to go to market, these Commercial Conversations will fill your funnel and make you look a hero or heroine!

Find Out Which Option Suits You Best!

5. Finally, Let's Get Sales Leaders Building A Team of Leaders 

Because there is a difference. As we move into a new world order, finding and keeping top talent relies more on leadership than management. And leadership means being able to wear many hats - Teach, Manager, Coach and Lead.

The missing ingredient is 'how do I do all four?' That changes today when you decide to learn what makes your team tick and how to be a transformational coach - not just a deal coach.

It's time to Step Up, Show Up and Speak Up!

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