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The Commercial Conversations Academy™ is the leading, step-by-step system for consultants, leadership/executive coaches and experts so that they can sign 6-figure consulting clients (even if they are new consultants)
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We are in a moment in time where there is so much competition out there in the business world as a result of Covid layoffs, the growth of the Gig Economy and the move to more online learning.

The question is: How do you not just get your foot in the door -  but in the right door - and then turn those doors into dollars?

The best thing is that Businesses are investing more in external programs and projects more than ever before...and this market is 'poised to grow by USD 38.09 billion during 2020-2024' according to BusinessWire

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Discover what others are saying about The Commercial Conversations Academy™

Simply Wow!!! My mind is blown. From my business point of view one of the most important hours of my life! Thank you Bernadette.

  • Mel is a respected Barrister and Experienced Training Consultant (aka The Holistic Housing Officer)
  • When she joined our program it was at a time when she wanted to expand her consultancy and move online. Her concern was adjusting her fee structure based on the move to virtual services.
  • Her shift in how she viewed her value and therefore negotiating, resulted in a successful fee structure with her latest new corporate client bringing in a successful $20K in revenue

 RESULT: ’I now believe and understand my worth. The game-changer was the lessons around identifying and understanding my unique SalesDNA and the impact this had on my commercial conversations’

Mel Cant, CEO MelCanTraining, UK

'My fee just DOUBLED and my confidence QUADRUPLED!'

  • Valentin is a very specialised Analyst working with Data Science and Analytics in Credit Risk/Banks
  • He is as smart as a whip and used to working in corporate environments
  • In strengthening his own consultancy, he had no idea how to approach conversations back into corporate from a sales perspective. As a result, he was a little dubious about joining us in the Commercial Conversations Academy but knew he needed something!
  • In our implementation group, we discovered he was undercharging for his online programs and consulting services.

RESULT: 'At first, I had no idea how to sell and was a little nervous about joining a group of people who knew more than me, and then you helped me double my fee and my confidence soared’

Valentin Nordstroem, Nordstroem Analytics,UK

'When you lose the attachment to 'getting the deal' something magical happens. When you focus on the other person and their future, that energy naturally attracts business'.

"WOW!!! Powerful stuff we learnt!!

Those were the words we all read in our support group for paying clients.

As John said, "It's amazing what happens when you identify a problem with your distribution and go to market strategy, engage a potential supply chain manager and generate revenue in the millions due to asking a couple of different questions and learning how to read and language the play."

Absolutely crazy, right? But Sales Manager, John Lawrence, zoned in on THE most important part of any sale that we will unpack for you too, so you know how to do the same. 

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'Our Pipeline Just Got A Lot Bigger And Now We Have A New Challenge!'

I needed help with sales but I didn’t want the rah, rah! pushy sales techniques but someone to help me understand the psychology of sales, to better understand our clients. On completion of  the program I challenged myself to increase the attendees for our next international expert webinars from the usual 30-60 attendees (Ops Managers, GM's, CEO's & Directors).  Two weeks out and we have over 200 senior leaders booked, and from new companies. Our pipeline just got a lot bigger and now we have a new challenge -  more employees!

Jeff Naylor, Managing Director A/NZ, SIRF Roundtables

Lawyer turned Sales Pro

After doubting his role in sales, James realised he 'fell into sales' for a reason. With a new found appreciation of his role, as a result of working together through this program, and with a shift in focus more towards his clients interests, this is what he said, " I have increased my prospecting activity, am looking  for more thorough and innovative points of contact throughout the sales cycle, and not only has the program enabled me to improve my ratios of proposals to orders, but I'm more comfortable in my own skin knowing I'm in charge of millions of dollars worth of annual commercial revenue rather than just selling stuff".

James Dowling, Lawyer and Sales Consultant

This program has been very different than anything I’ve done before'

It has really helped me to understand the sales process from a psychological point of view, allowing me to reflect on myself, embrace who I am, know what I stand for and to really own it! Over the past few weeks I have had greater success in engaging with my customers, in a really genuine, positive way. Thank you so much!

Sarah Hughes

National Sales Manager, Power Parameters Pty Ltd, Melbourne

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'She read me like a book...'


Take a listen to Nuno Puco, from Portugal, President of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. 

Being part of a group coaching VIP Mastermind is super important. It's where the  magic happens and sometimes we need someone brave, in a safe space, to call the elephant in the room.

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