IT'S FINALLY HERE! The proven Step-by-Step Formula that will help you effortlessly connect with the right buyer, convert more opportunities and create change for you and your buyer (in just a few short weeks)

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If you're done operating with the rejection and frustration that stops you finding the right decision maker, getting your foot in the door and selling more...



PAY ATTENTION because this is important if you don't want to keep doing all the hard work only for your competitor to swoop in and take what belongs to you... 

Most salespeople who dream of winning President's Club, Par Club or simply reaching their monthly target, face one major (hidden) obstacle that always means they come in second best or fall into the 50+% of salespeople just surviving because they DO NOT MAKE THEIR NUMBERS. 

What do you think it is that stops them? 

Before I tell you, let me ask you a couple of quick questions.

If you are struggling or stuck... which of these apply to you?

Unsure of Value

You are unsure of what your unique value is and how to position yourself

Leave a message

You're not asking enough of the right questions and always get ghosted


You submit brilliant proposals that never convert and ... you hear nothing back!


You end up commoditising yourself because you haven't shown any cost/benefit 

Here's the thing...

What's holding you back is...well, ... it's YOU!


So, it's time to say BYE-BYE to the STRUGGLING SELLER !!


  • The Struggling Seller is a way of thinking about your life, not just your role (most people think this way and it is a way that makes them fail) 
  • It's a path that keeps your Commercial Powerhouse on the lower rung of your high potential ladder
  • It's what causes you to stress, second guess yourself (and cause others to second guess you, as well!)
  • And it stops you making money, sleeping through the night and living the life of your dreams! 

A STRUGGLING MINDSET keeps you stuck! We all exchange our value for energy and effort (which you may not have enough of) and as a result, 'working harder' and working longer' is your only strategy for growth (and you probably aren't even doing that!) Not a good strategy.

And if that sounds like you... then don't be embarrassed!

It's not your fault!  You've been conditioned to think that way from childhood...and so have most of your colleagues, which is why there are only a few who really succeed in this role.  It's a way of thinking that is all you've ever known and it's held you back, and still is! 


You've had this huuuge need to be liked and it's stopped you asking the 'hard' questions (they're not really hard, btw), stopped you feeling comfortable talking about money, stopped you being confident enough to speak to the 'C Level' and potentially making you feel there is not a lot of opportunity, especially coming off the back of Covid.

What Happens If You DON'T Start Thinking Like A Commercial Powerhouse

Because your Commercial Self thinks very differently than your Struggling Self.

Your Struggling Self  thinks taking a risk is scary... Your Commercial Self knows it gets them the results that matter.

Your Struggling Self thinks things need to be perfect before they pick up the phone or ask for the business...Your Commercial Self  figures it out as you go!

Your Struggling Self  has networks that can't add value ...Your Commercial Self  has rolodexes that can be called on anytime!

Your Struggling Self  has a pipeline that is consistently bloated and doesn't deliver - Your Commercial Self constantly qualifies, delivers and brings in business.

COMMERCIAL POWERHOUSES are ☀️Luminaries☀️ ... they don't follow the rules - they write their rules. They don't just light up the room - they are the light!

'When you kick the Struggling Sales Pro Mindset to the curb and start thinking like a Commercial Powerhouse, you get totally clear on what you need to do and you own your lane.


Once you start thinking like a Commercial Powerhouse,  you'll start acting like one, too...


You're not a kid anymore!

You're not like a 43 year old still living at home, sleeping in your childhood single bed, having Mum cook your meals and Dad putting food on the table.

No! You've learned to feed yourself, dress yourself and drive yourself.

So why would you not step up your game for your role or your business?

Because that is exactly what needs to happen with those who suffer with a Struggling Seller Mindset... they are like 43 year olds still living at home, staying safe and expecting Mum and Dad to do everything for them.

When the Commercial Powerhouse shows itself, on the other hand, it fully recognises there is a customer base to look after, a pipeline to keep moving,  processes to follow that work, and money to make.

And that's exactly what I'm here to help you do... STEP INTO the role of Commercial Powerhouse far quicker and easier than you ever could on your own.

And one of the ways we are going to do it is to give you my Conscious Selling Framework to give you those processes to build out your pipeline and take that opportunity through to fruition.

But Making That Change On Your Own 


Everyone 'knows' the basic principles for losing unwanted weight. But how many people 'know this' and yet still struggle to see results?


So what do they do?

Blame or make excuses.

So here's the million dollar question:


Why doesn't reading some sales guru's blog, or reading a book, or attending a webinar change your results?


What will work is challenging your blind spots and the minute you have that mindset shift - that's when you instantly transform from a Struggling Sales Pro to a Commercial Powerhouse...

...Introducing The Commercial Conversations Academy 

Not just another 'sales course' like others you may have taken...

It's a complete transformational process that will take you from a confused, cautious and Struggling Sales Pro to that sought after Commercial Powerhouse you, your clients and your business needs.

What's inside the Commercial Conversations Academy™

The Commercial Conversations Academy™ isn't just a passive program you log into and then a month later realise you've lost track of where you were.  Or worse, completely forgotten about it. We won't let you!

✅ 6- CORE Training Modules That turns everything you think you know about connecting, converting and creating change for your buyer on its head, so you become a sought after resource and asset. 

✅ 3 Play-by-Play Maps (Connection) outlining 3 Introductions Every Seller Must Articulate that position and differentiate you.  (Conversion) 6 Questions Every Seller Must Ask that takes you from exploration to elimination. (Change Creation) 4 Invitations Every Seller Must Offer  that reduce resistance and increase acceptance toward  working with you.

✅ 6 LIVE SALES BREAKTHROUGH Group Coaching Roundtables to give you the support, clarity and answers to your burning questions and a Master coach that has your back should you choose to participate (not available for online only).

✅ All templates, cheat sheets and maps that make those gold 'how to's so easy to reference.

✅ A Community and Mastermind option for you to share ideas and network

✅ An easy to use platform with your unique app for mobile access and a customised video library.

Bonuses and extra trainings to take you to yet another level.


The sweet spot of a Growth Focussed Business is when all 3 circles intersect!

It’s when...your commercial conversations are so powerfully aligned with your prospects, that you attract those perfect clients you can't wait to work with.

Dial up all three and you become that brilliant Commercial Powerhouse!

Here's a look at what you'll get once you join us:

The Commercial Conversations Formula



After completing the 'Know Your Numbers Exercise' you're ready to influence your market. And if you don't know what influences you, then how on earth will you influence anyone else? Discover what makes your buyer tick, deal decision making patterns, buying motivation triggers and the language around how to sell change, not just a solution.


In order to get the appointment you need to know 'what you are doing' and 'why you are doing it'. We'll show you how our Connection Trilogy - (three separate types of Connection Conversations) will help you articulate your premise, position your value and differentiate your offer in a way that helps your buyer feel aligned good about wanting to meet you. 


You've got the appointment.. then what? This is where these six questions every salesperson must ask [aka 'Questions with E's Framework'] come into play  to provide a logical, graceful and easy flow towards conversion. It will help you get out of your own way and help your buyer think differently!


Once you've earned the right to ask for the business, you need to know how to do it in a 100% winnable way. Creating Change Conversations are the growth engine of your sales business and without the Four Invitations Framework, you can't begin the buyer/seller change process around next steps.


Congratulations, you are now officially recognised as a Commercial Powerhouse, and that carries with it the responsibility of influence.  Learn how to build your influence even more, market to new opportunities and grow your share of wallet so that you keep your top of funnel full and increase your win ratios.


BONUS 1 - DFY! Commercial Conversations Manual

Professionally designed, visually appealing, practical resources and frameworks to help you get in front of the right connections and convert more prospects to clients.

BONUS 2 - The Discount Eliminator 

  1. You're too expensive!
  2. We can't afford it !
  3. We can get it cheaper!

These 3 popular price concerns are completely eliminated with these Done-For-You responses so you both sign the contract.

BONUS 3 - The Easy Prospecting Handling Formula

  1. I'm not interested!
  2. I don't have time!
  3. I already have what you're selling!

These 3 popular objections (plus more) will never have the same awkwardness for you ever again!

EXTRA EPIC BONUS - 'The Prospecting Acceleration Program - 5 Week Challenge to SALESFIT 

A 5 week, on-demand, pre-cursor to The Commercial Conversations Academy. Complete with videos, workbook and onboarding. Perfect for those wanting extra special sauce for accelerating Prospecting and Lead Generation. Market value currently in excess of $1100 per person and yours for FREE! (Click image for more details)

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'Our Pipeline Just Got A Lot Bigger And Now We Have A New Challenge!'

I needed help with sales but I didn’t want the rah, rah! pushy sales techniques but someone to help me understand the psychology to better understand our clients. On completion of  the program I challenged myself to increase the attendees for our next international expert webinars (Ops Managers, GM's, CEO's & Directors).  Two weeks out and we have quadrupled our numbers!

Jeff Naylor, Managing Director A/NZ, SIRF Roundtables

What is the investment and which option will I choose?

If you have a corporate sales team and wish Bernadette to work with you, then please reach out for a discussion to customise an opportunity based on your budget and business.

If you are an individual wishing to learn how to connect and convert more clients, then please join our community and choose your own On-Demand Program - either one payment (and save $188) or take advantage of our 3 part payment (both options complete with bonuses)

Commercial Conversations Academy™ Online Only

$497.00AUD Pay In Full
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$997.00 Pay in Full
Commercial Conversations Academy™ Online + Coaching

$399.00 x 3 Payments
Choose the option above that works best for you

Lawyer turned Sales Pro

After doubting his role as a consultant, James realised he 'fell into it' for a reason. With a new found appreciation as a result of working together through this program, and with a shift in focus more towards his clients interests, this is what he said, " I have increased my prospecting activity, am looking  for more thorough and innovative points of contact throughout the sales cycle, and not only has the program enabled me to improve my ratios of proposals to orders, but I'm more comfortable in my own skin knowing I'm in charge of millions of dollars worth of annual commercial revenue rather than just selling stuff".

James Dowling, Lawyer and Consultant

90 Day Guarantee


I seriously want this decision to be a no-brainer for you. So, I'm offering you a 90 day 'do the work' money back guarantee. This means that after 90 days of implementing the ideas and putting this process to the test, you are not happy with the process then I’ll refund your money. You gotta do the work though!

This program has been very different than anything I’ve done before'

It has really helped me to understand the sales process from a psychological point of view, allowing me to reflect on myself, embrace who I am, know what I stand for and to really own it! Over the past few weeks I have had greater success in engaging with my customers, in a really genuine, positive way. Thank you so much!

Sarah Hughes

National Sales Manager, Power Parameters Pty Ltd, Melbourne

Here are the most consistent FAQs some of our students ask before joining us:

  • Are you ready to connect with your buyers in a way that sets you up to overachieve your revenue targets and achieve the personal goals you really want?
  • Are you ready to have conversations that engage clients who will buy from you and more often?
  • Are you ready to set yourself up to have consistent 6-figure plus years and be seen as a respected industry resource?

Then I'll see you inside!

Bernadette 'Let's Do This' McClelland  🎉🎉🎉

'She read me like a book...'


Take a listen to Nuno Puco, from Portugal, President of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. 

Being part of a group coaching VIP Mastermind is super important. It's where the  magic happens and sometimes we need someone brave, in a safe space, to call the elephant in the room.


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