FINALLY! The Conscious Selling Model and The Art of Commercial Conversations Framework combined, is designed to help you drive revenue, increase margin and sell a difference in a fiercely competitive world.

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A refreshing and modern day Masterclass based on a powerful 9 -step framework and best selling book by the same name. It has purposely been designed for any business person with a responsibility to drive revenue, increase margin and sell a difference (without losing their soul!)

Every seller, at one stage or another, has felt their sales conversations have lacked something - and they've second guessed themselves! 

But what if it was not just about getting the deal?

We've all experienced that feeling of NQR. Where we've sat in a meeting and it's been brutal. Or we've walked out feeling we've sold our soul to the devil. Or we've felt that the direction just didn't align with who we are as human beings.

Do you know what I mean?

Don't get me wrong. It also happens on the flip side. And it's because we've been buyers and we've experienced it first hand, that the last thing we want is for our buyers to experience the same things from us.

So we hold back. We don't put them on the spot. Or ask them the 'hard questions'. Because we don't want them to feel the same way. Everyone says it's 'fear of rejection' but we know that's not the reason, right?

In essence, the pattern of behaviour I see, and have seen, from thousands of salespeople (and sales leaders!!) is that as human beings, we simply don't want to appear predatory - or sales-y!

But, listen up! As a result of this thinking, we are not operating from our true potential and we are not allowing our buyers to make their own decisions. We've not understood the art behind those commercial sales conversations.

And there is an art, just as much as there is a science.

And I know you are looking for something extra to help you make sense of how you feel about your role.

And I also know you're different.

And you want to do two things really well. You want to sell your product, service or idea because it's what you do and it puts food on the table. But you're also in it for another reason. To help your buyer and their business become better and more successful themselves through your offering. Am I right?

If you're like most salespeople, sales leaders or business owners I speak to who are responsible for those commercial conversations happening, then you will more than likely feel:

1. You're passionate about what you sell. You can sell the benefits of your product or service until the cows come home, but something is missing. 

3. You wish you could understand more about communication and understand where else in the sales conversation process you can add even more value, without talking about your product or service, right?  

3. You love what you do - all the benefits, the money, the people and you want to build on that to become even more of an inspiration in the marketplace.

I hear you!

Here's what some of our RockStar Audience Members and Colleagues thought about  these nine conversations

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Relevant ~ To The Point ~ Beneficial


 'NO! Because you're TOO NICE and not AGGRESSIVE enough!'

Here is my story...

When I first applied for that sales trainee role, I applied three times!!

And each time my reason for failing the interview was because 'I was too nice and not aggressive enough!'

Yet Glengarry Glenn Ross was nowhere to be seen!

Tenacity won the day, however, as it often does and I moved out of my sales co-ordinator role and began my career as a professional salesperson that following month!

And I am super proud to say that I have never looked back!

Why am I telling you this story?

Because whilst selling is not about being aggressive, it is also not about being 'too nice'!

There is a balance between showing up in the market with conviction and committing to business building and showing up in a way that only serves the buyer.

The most impactful way you can truly be of service and contribute to your buyer's growth is to let them buy from you.  Yet, too many people stop that from happening because they feel they need to make the buyer buy.

There is a difference. Can you feel it?

And how you do that is to go to the market with a consciously capitalistic point of view.... make money with the intention for a win/win.  

When you can identify the right conversation to have with the right intention and at the right time with the right buyer - it truly is an art.

And I want to work with those of you who are prepared to start with a fairly blank canvas. I want to help you create a commercial masterpiece from which you can be proud to make money.

I want to help you do it through these nine commercial conversations.

For anyone with aspirations to become a top 5% player in the game of sales.

We all accept, at least I hope we do, that the art of conversation appears to be dying, as we prefer to develop our relationships online. This is certainly true when it comes to our commercial interactions as more and more products and solutions become commoditized. But the very best performers in the sales space, the ones who consistently over-achieve, have developed their communication skills and they are leaving their competitors trailing in the distance. Bernadette McClelland provides us with a superbly written guide, which should be a must-read for anyone with aspirations to become a top 5% player in the game of sales.  

Jonathan Farrington, Founder & CEO of Top Sales World.


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This MasterClass is designed for salespeople, sales leaders and professional business owners who sell. People like you. You'll now be able to ...


  • Identify the three leadership personas that EVERY seller must bring to market so that they show up as relevant to the buyer! Super critical!
  • Identify the nine commercial conversations you need to be aware of having with your buyers because they expect to see you embody these conversations to give them confidence in you.
  • Discover the three levels of buyer and how they each correlate to a different conversation energy
  • Discover the #1 question to ask your buyer which allows you to see things through THEIR lens, not yours (if you don’t understand this you will forever be talking the wrong language to them and this will come back to bite you when you want to advance the conversation and they are no longer interested)
  • Uncover what’s really stopping you from asking for the business (so you know what to do about it in your next conversation in a really authentic way)
  • Learn the key outcome that people like John Mackey from Whole Foods, marketers like Seth Godin and the US Superbowl advertisers believe around sales conversations and increase your conversion and retention of new and existing clients.
  • Identify the three choices you can make when strengthening your conviction in going to market (seriously this is a game-changer!!)
  • Learn what makes memorable messaging so you don’t always default to product talk or lean in on your brochure (buyers want so much more from you than that these days!)
  • Workshop the Buyer Psychology Map so you learn how to ask the right questions, in order to have the right conversations that lie at the baseline of consultative selling (and you simply add your personality and dance within this framework)
  • And a ton more...

'It's time...'

It’s time for a new breed of seller who inspires clients to change. Get this book to discover how to become an invaluable, irresistible resource and at the same time close more profitable sales.  

Jill Konrath, Bestselling author of More Sales ~Less Time, SNAP Selling and Agile Selling

"Fresh insights into organising, structuring and leading client conversations in today’s crazy busy world!

Bernadette’s new book offers fresh insights into organising, structuring and leading client conversations in today’s crazy busy world. It has the goal of accelerating understanding, while creating a foundation of respect and trust in a climate of mutual learning. Every chapter is dense-packed with actionable information that any reader, no matter how advanced, will be able to benefit from.  

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, Selling Power Inc.

Find out what Gerhardt was talking about

What's inside The Art of Commercial Conversations?

'The Art of Commercial Conversations' doesn't stop at just being a globally endorsed book from industry leaders!

It's an on-demand LIVE training with exercises, a workbook and a manifesto so that you implement and embed the learnings in a way that relates to modern day selling, is fresh and is different, as those who have endorsed the original platform (the book), recognise.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll experience once you join us:


I've created the Conscious Selling Model thanks to Seth Godin coining the Connection Economy.  I believe because we are now on the cusp of so much change, especially when it comes to our buyers expectations, our commercial conversations (sales conversations) need to move from being transactional to more transformational.

After all, we are all selling change so our approach, focus and outcomes must do the same! 

In short, nine easy to adapt conversations will help you master a different element in driving revenue, increasing margin and selling a difference.

Here are the Nine Commercial Conversations within this 'World Class MasterClass':

Considering this MasterClass will enable you to engage deeper, understand what's important from your buyer's perspective and broaden your perspective of the sales conversation, it makes sense that we journey down this path together.

Given that you believe this to be the case, you know it will also work for every salesperson, sales leader and business owner who wants to drive revenue, increase margin and sell a difference. In other words, someone like you!

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'We can no longer succeed by being sellers, we need to be Changemakers - we need to sell change'

The Art of Commercial Conversations hit me hard like a Bondi wave - refreshing, invigorating and powerful. She has encapsulated the changing world of doing business with business - a world where the buyer has transformed the way they are doing business which necessitates that sellers rethink how they engage.

She states that we can no longer succeed by being sellers, we need to be Changemakers - we need to sell change. I totally agree.

This book is essential reading for every business leader and sales professional in the business to business world.  

John Smibert, Co-Founder of Sales Masterminds Australasia

Not sure if this is going to give you what you're looking for? Here's some additional information that will help ~ it's some of the typical insights appreciated by our clients and students:


The Art of Commercial Conversations: 

  • Contribute to business success when it comes to revenue generation, day to day leadership and activation of those results that matter the most.
  • Begin having commercial conversations that provide a win for you - your buyer and your business
  • Understand how to better approach your market
  • Learn how to own your personal leadership skills in a sales environment
  • Emphasise the value of your personal brand in a changing economic environment
  • Focus in on your conversations even more by leveraging your thought leadership skills
  • Deeply define the value of your offering whilst always remaining competitive and relevant
  • Accelerate your results by drawing on your sales leadership skills to demonstrate the value that you, your solution and your company provide to the market. 

Does this sound like you?

Awesome!!  I cannot wait for you to drive more revenue, increase your margins and sell a difference in an economy that is crying out for different!!

I'll see you inside!

Bernadette 'Be Bold' McClelland

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