The Commercial Conversations Academy  


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Key Benefits from this Implementation Program

The training we provide in our CORE PROGRAM: Commercial Conversations Academy is all about Connecting and Converting More Sales. It helps you: 

  • Prospect the Modern Way
  • Ask 6 Key Questions that get you to YES with less stress and more success
  • Present, Demonstrate and Propose with Relevance

Our experience in working with thousands of salespeople and sales leaders in concert with the statistics,  have highlighted these 3 core categories that are most lacking in B2B sales conversations today.

The game of selling might be the same, but the rules have most definitely changed. The buyer knows more than you (in many cases), they are calling the shots, their expectations can be off the charts and your competition is no longer the guy or girl down the road – but a tiny little world called ‘maybe’.

To help you differentiate yourself, show up as a respected industry resource and convert those opportunities by connecting with the right people, this hands on approach to your commercial conversations (aka profitable sales calls) will move the needle more than you realise.

We provide you with the appropriate exercises, models, templates, videos and worksheets to re-align your approach to market, amp up the focus of your conversations and achieve the right outcomes.


  • Discover how to position yourself whilst clearly relaying your organisations value proposition and competitive advantage
  • Understand and apply four aspects of your sales funnel to manage leads and develop business opportunities
  • Know what to research so that you can lead an intelligent conversation from a position of strength
  • Reverse engineer your benefits-based statements to be tension based questions so that your buyer does the selling for you
  • Conduct effective sales meetings by asking the six questions every seller must ask to convert virtually 100% of business opportunities
  • Structure a demonstration and presentation for maximum impact and learn common mistakes to avoid
  • Engage your buyer with compelling proposals that overcome common objections


When you redeem your BONUS 90 minute coaching session with CEO and Master Coach, Bernadette McClelland, it is a perfect way to test your approach, ask questions or break through any limiting belief you might have that is preventing you from connecting and converting more sales.

(*Must be redeemed within 8 weeks of purchasing your program)



The Messaging To Market Workshop

Forget elevator pitches, this 60-minute workshop, complete with workbook and Messaging Matrix, helps you articulate your Message to the Market. Perfect for networking, first introductions and transitioning between rapport building and business talk.

Join some of our Rockstar Clients who decided to ask different questions, be coached and own the sales conversation!

Sarah Hughes, NSM

Power Parameters P/L

‘This program has been very different than anything I’ve done before. Over the past few weeks I have had greater success in engaging with my customers, in a really genuine, positive way. Thank you so much!

Melanie Cant, CEO

MelCan Training, UK

'Selling what I do was difficult for me but my shift in how I viewed the sales conversation resulted in a new corporate client bringing in £20K revenue with even more in the pipeline.'

James Dowling, BDM

LinkSafe, Melbourne

'I have increased my prospecting activity, am looking  for more thorough and innovative points of contact throughout the sales cycle, and am improving my ratios of proposals to orders'.

Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet!

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