We realised that adult learning is more than a talking head in front of a classroom.

The world is moving toward blended everything. 

And with the modernisation of working environments, with more flexibility wanted and needed for people to learn on the job and at home, it makes sense to provide a blended digital portal for sales professionals, sales leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs with a growth focussed mindset and a desire to be a part of a community of like-minded professionals.

3 Red Folders Academy provides those learnings based on the Conscious Selling Model - Sales Leadership and Strategy, Thought Leadership and Science and Personal Leadership and Psychology.  We also provide a networking and mastermind group to keep the learnings high and community higher.

We believe 'business people who sell' need a place where they can learn to think, position and sell themselves differently and so 3 Red Folders Academy was born.

What is in the 3 Red Folders?

For that you need to know the story of its parent company, 3 Red Folders!

Told through the eyes of Bernadette McClelland, CEO and Founder.

"We believe sharing our story is an important cog in any existing or potential business relationship, because it generates relevance and trust.

PART 1 – My husband and I owned a wholesale business. I got very sick. Sales weren’t forthcoming. Cashflow got shot. We went bankrupt. We lost our homes, our assets, investments and access to cash. We were on welfare for six whole months. The year was 2009.

PART 2 – 12 months later I began to get better. As we were both at the tender young age of 50, it was time for some heavy soul-searching... over gourmet pizza. We asked ourselves 2 very important questions: “What value did we have to offer?" and "What would people pay for that value?” As I reached across the table, standing three menus up on the table, I said, ‘this is how we will get back on the horse. We will focus on:

1) WHO WE ARE – our ‘true colours‘, our authenticity.

2) WHAT WE WANT TO ACHIEVE – our ‘true north’, our purpose.

3) HOW WE WILL GET THERE – our ‘true grit’, our resourcefulness.”

PART 3 – We were smart. Just like you are smart. That means we both know if you don’t focus on the sales function of your business, you don’t make money. Period. Every business needs to be sales smart or they won’t survive. It’s that simple.

As CEO of 3 Red Folders sales and sales leadership consultancy, here in Melbourne, Australia, I now help businesses like yours, and salespeople and sales leaders like you, create a revenue engine framework consisting of three vital components –  your sales strategy (business), the sales science behind that (brain) and sales psychology (behaviour).

That’s what makes us so uniquely different and that's what creates sustainable results for our clients.

Oh, and before I forget... those 3 menus I stood up? They were in 3 red folders!

Welcome to a new style of growth, learning and doing business."

Warmest Regards

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