Commercial Conversations Academy


Totally stoked to take you on another journey.

And lucky for you, enrolment opens soon!

This means you could be one of the few surrounded by a group of high performing consultants just like you selling to bigger businesses where you have bigger pay days and less clients!  

Are you ready to leverage all you have done to date and build on that?

Our wait list is growing for all our programs but this is my favourite. Why? Because it builds pipeline with real, qualified opportunities through you having commercial conversations that connect, convert and close. And of course, this leads to more 💰 so we have more choices in life and continue doing what we love.

And so, here's what it will help you do:

👉 Understand the conversations you need to have with yourself to sell into bigger opportunities, in relation to money and imposter syndrome and what's preventing you getting to the right decision-maker or becoming that deal-maker people respect.

👉 Identify the 5 Critical Conversations you MUST have so you can confidently present and propose your offering from soup to nuts!

👉 Nail your next meeting and remove the awkwardness by learning how to effectively transition between chit chat and business talk

👉 Position yourself to be the go-to resource by building a strong value proposition with the right buyer

👉 Prevent yourself from defaulting to product talk or pulling out the brochure because you will learn EXACTLY the questions you need to ask to lead the conversation and create a compelling reason for them to buy.

👉 Know how to quantify your buyers situation and have conversations that prove ROI and risk aversion so you can position your solution from a position of strength.

👉 Know how to qualify the decision being made in 8 simple steps so you minimise any chance of being told 'Maybe' or 'No' or 'You're too expensive'.

👉 Discover the 3 closes - all 'normal', respectful and elegant conversations, with zero hard sell or manipulative tactics so that your conversation is completed in flow,  where you'll win more business than you lose and secure long term relationships. (And, no, it doesn't include puppy dogs!)

And so much more...

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