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If you are a quota bearing salesperson, or an entrepreneur selling a service, product or idea you are passionate about, or perhaps you're a leader of a sales team, then you will LOVE this event.

In this LIVE Training You'll Discover:

✅  The #1 secret sauce that ALL high performing salespeople use that will ALWAYS get buy-in from the buyer (and they get it early!)

✅  The 5 high level strategies that will guarantee ultimate sales success without you needing to give away the farm!

✅  Why so many buyers will not be honest with the salesperson (and why the salesperson will never even know).

✅  The #1 mistake salespeople make at the beginning of their sales conversations that completely turns buyers off and costs them dearly (and they are not even aware of it).

✅   You'll leave this call really pumped, high five-ing and definitely ready to start having more purposeful commercial conversations that will categorically drive revenue, increase margin and sell a difference. That is my promise!

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    Presented by:

    Bernadette McClelland

    Authority in Sales Strategy, Leadership and Psychology

    Bernadette McClelland has provided this platform to share her extensive insights, experience and learnings as a result of her:

    👉 Educating businesses around the world

    👉 Coaching Harvard MBAs on their pilot sales program,

    👉 Mentoring Tony Robbins Master clients as Master Coach for Asia Pacific

    👉 Being an award winning and high performing sales executive and leader in Fortune 500 companies.

    👉 Authoring multiple books on sales and personal leadership with her latest and best-selling book, 'The Art of Commercial Conversations'

    Like any of her clients, you, too,  can build your business exponentially when you apply her proven ideas, insights and inspirational approach to business development and sales leadership. 

    Sarah Hughes, Sales Manager, Power Parameters P/L, Melbourne

    This program has been very different than anything I’ve done before.

    Thank you so much.

    Joshua Schildroth, Sales Manager, Toronto, Ontario

    Can’t wait to share more this week of the impact this program had for me!! 

    You are my Oprah, Bernadette!