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⭐ ONLINE INDEPENDENT STUDY ~ Advanced Psychology of B2B Selling

This option is our Flagship Self-Paced OnLine Program

It doesn't matter how you cut, slice or dice it ~ if you do not know what influences you, then you will never know what influences your buyer.

And it doesn't matter what discipline you want to choose - sports, acting, professional services, martial arts ~ any high performance environment relies on its success being 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.

And sales is all of these combined... an elite, high-performing business athlete and a high calibre artist. My most favourite marketer, Seth Godin, defines an artist as “someone who brings new thinking and generosity to his work, who does human work that changes another for the better.” 

And that is us! As salespeople or business leaders and owners who sell.

To do that and to do that well, we all need to understand the advanced psychology around B2B Selling.


 Identify how you view your own IDENTITY in your role

 Accurately assess and address your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to money, finances and business acumen

  Remove self-doubt and limiting beliefs around what stops you asking those 'hard questions'

  Set healthy boundaries around the rules you set for yourself so you understand what rules your buyers have around doing business with you

  Be more assertive and shorten your sales cycles

 and much, much more!

We welcome you to this peer group and this environment of high performance and proven success!

To YOUR ongoing success, 

Bernadette 🙏


👉 6 Online Self-Paced Sales Focused Modules you can co-ordinate with your calendar and pace out to suit your lifestyle.

👉 18 Power Packed Executable Lessons where you have to get honest with yourself around different beliefs and practice with key questions with your buyers and clients.

👉  3 High Quality and Attractive Templates for you to keep close and use forever

👉 20 Exercise Worksheets to be applied in the field for real self reflection and on the job experiments 

👉  18 Audio Files for those who prefer to listen and learn.

As with any type of learning platforms we will provide you with the tools, the exercises, the coaching and the mentoring that will enable you to bridge the gap and amplify your own results.


What People Are Saying:

“When I took on a new business development role, Bernadette McClelland was the first person that came to mind as a sales and leadership coach. I had known Bernadette and admired her work for some time. Or so I thought... Bernadette has a wealth of knowledge and skills, and I was consistently amazed, impressed, challenged, and inspired by her ready toolkit of ethical and savvy tactics backed by solid strategies and an innately expansive view of today's business landscape. Bernadette helped me dig deep to provide even better sales experiences, while respectfully calling me on even the hint of a limiting belief. Her ability to impart her substantial skillset is supreme, as is her genuine enthusiasm for your success. Not only yours in fact but that of your team and clients.”

Michael Neaylon, Leading Virtual, Hybrid & Major Event Sales & Recovery * eMBA, UTS