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About Bernadette

What’s in Bernadette’s Show and Tell file?

✅  Award winning sales executive from within Fortune 500 companies (Xerox, CA and Kodak)
✅  Recognized as one of the Top 35 Women in Sales Globally by Sales Hacker
✅  Voted as one of the top 100 Sales Coaches Globally by Ambition
✅  Asked by Harvard Business School to coach their MBA students on a part of their sales curriculum
✅  Chosen to be the Asia Pacific coach to work with Tony Robbins business clients as well as speaker at his flagship event ‘Unleash The Power’, breaking coaching sales records
✅  Spoken at the esteemed ESCP (European Business School of Commerce) in Paris
✅  Written five books on sales and leadership with her best-seller, ‘The Art of Commercial Conversations’.
✅  Recognised as one of the top 50 Sales Bloggers globally by Top Sales World
✅  Awarded ‘Best New Speaker for Victoria’ with the National Speakers Association
✅  Awarded a Telstra and Powercorp award for ‘Business Excellence’
✅  Founded Women Who Sell – an Australian initiative for women in corporate sales
✅  Spoken on five continents with Africa and Antartica on her bucket list
✅  Member of, and speaker for, The Australian CEO Institute
✅  Diploma in psychology based learnings and neuroscience behaviours
✅  My most successful result ever? I get to have these people as my family!!



Thanks for stopping by...You’ve seen all the business related focus but I want to share a bit more of me as a person.

As a mum, I feel I have won the jackpot. With two adult children they are my biggest ‘show and tell’ story. Danielle, my daughter is not only drop dead gorgeous, she is a 10 year veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force having achieved the rank of Sergeant in record time, served in the Middle East and now in a sales and customer service role with David as her amazing partner and they are about to have their first child. Matthew is my son, a past leader in the Air Force cadets, an all-sports fanatic and sports coach as well, and a successful B2B sales account executive, with Yasmin as his partner in crime and soon-to-be wife.

Tim, as many of my audiences get to know, has been my rock and we have been married (happily!) for, dare I admit it,  over a quarter of a century. And he just happens to be a National Sales Manager!

Not only is business development and leadership clearly in the blood… you can only imagine our conversations over dinner!

I love to read and write, I pretend to be a great golfer and I openly laugh at my own attempts at humour.

So no matter your outcome when it comes to building a strong and sustainable 6 or 7 figure practice, consultancy or business, I have the runs on the board to help you move your needle toward ‘absolute certainty’

I’d love to better understand what you would be looking for and see how we can work together 🙂 so feel free to book a time on my calendar, right here.


 ~ Bernadette McClelland
Creator and Founder, Commercial Conversations Academy™

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