The Personal Leadership Academy  


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Key Benefits from this Implementation Program

The training we provide in our FOUNDATION PROGRAM: Personal Leadership Academy is all about Mastering Influence. It will ensure you:

  • Align Your Identity to Your Role
  • Unlock Your Sabotaging Sales DNA
  • Communicate with Confidence

These are the three foundational principles we believe ensure a winning mindset for sales professionals.


  • Recognise and apply the behaviours, words and thinking that separate professional salespeople from the pack.
  • Understand the specific role of a successful salesperson in the Business-to-Business sales role and align expectations to the buyer’s journey.
  • Identify key elements of professional communication and their importance in your interactions with buyers.
  • Build rapport that feels congruent and natural, so you exude conviction and confidence.
  • Understand your buyer's six psychology-based decision making processes.
  • Identify the six hidden human weaknesses that negatively impact sales results so you can make more sales.
  • Practice the six principles of Influence and watch your results and relationships improve significantly.

Master Trainer, Facilitator and Coach, Bernadette McClelland, draws on the personal learnings as Anthony Robbins Master Coach for Asia Pacific, combined with the teachings of Robert Cialdini and the hands-on experience with the About My Brain Institute in Australia.

As a result, this highly relevant, practical and science-based approach to selling will highlight the do-able, cost-less and small changes that provide the biggest impact to any sales professional’s success.

One of the best ways to affect change is to reflect on your own mindset, DNA and relationships through the sales specific exercises, templates and models this Netflix Style program provides.


The Conscious Selling Workshop 

Based on the book, ‘The Art of Commercial Conversations – Drive Revenue. Increase Margins. Sell A Difference’ you will gain access to this BONUS 90-minute workshop, complete with workbook and manifesto to help you implement nine Commercial Conversations every seller needs to have with themselves and their buyer, today.

"Hands down the best use of an hour of my time! So many nuggets that made absolute sense!" Mel Cant, Barrister and Training Consultant, UK

Join some of our Rockstar Clients who choose to work on who they need to be not just what they need to do!

Jeff Naylor, CEO

SIRF Roundtables

‘We loved this program. Our pipeline of qualified opportunities immediately quadrupled.’

Michelle Morgan, BDM


'I really loved this program and delving into the emotional discipline within the sales process. '

Josh Schildroth, KAM

LOC Int'l, Canada

'The ROI for me is showing. It’s  leveraging the tools of the program to be seen as a true thought leader.'

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